support for hotmail

Support for Hotmail

Hotmail email was the first free email provider and it was very popular among emails users.This was first launched in the year 1996 but after one year it was acquired by Microsoft. Today millions of people using Hotmail for their daily email activity because of its extreme features and services. Here in the below list you will find the advanced features which is offers by Hotmail.

  • Obviously if we are working with any email account the most important concern is security. But here in terms of Hotmail you do not have to worry about its security because it comes with “A” level of security so that your email account will safe from any kind of phishing attacks.
  • Today Hotmail is combined with Microsoft it means double advantage. Through Hotmail you can easily edit, view and share the office documents without downloading it in your system
  • If also offers you huge storage capacity so that you can easily send and receive the mail without facing any kind of problem.

But sometime users have to face some unexpected errors regarding Hotmail and these issues are very critical which is not solved the users. It may be your Hotmail account will hack due to hackers, sometime user forgets their account password and that’s why they are not able to recover it, not able to download the attachments, mail sending and receiving issue, configuration issue, mail backup issue and many other technical glitches.

Hotmail customer Services includes

  • Solve the password related issues
  • Troubleshoot the mail sending and receiving problem
  • Solve the problem if Hotmail is not working on Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, internet explorer etc
  • If you find any suspicious activity in your Hotmail account
  • Attachment download problems
  • Hacking, blocking of your Hotmail account
  • Receive any kind of error messages
  • Password forget issue
  • Solve the login and sign up related issues
  • Solve the problem if your mail box is full

If Hotmail users are not able to solve their issues then quickly contact to Microsoft hotmail support +1888-678-5401 and get the immediate assistance through most experienced staffs. Here you can directly contact to technical experts and they find the main cause behind your issue and providing you best assistance regarding Hotmail

Our technical support team goes through a painstaking selection process after which they go through further training to enhance their skills even further. When you call us, you are put through to one of them. They will then will proceed establish a secure connection to your PC via the latest remote support technology.

Remote access software makes online tech support a much safer and convenient alternative to traditional the support. Thanks to remote access, you do not have to wait for anyone to show up at your home and nor do you have to carry your computer all the way to a service centre.

Apex Technical Multisupport is the online technical support for anykind of problems for computers,printers and scanners as well.Any problem comes up with your computer, we are here to help you out.